Fall in the Perfume Lab

The mornings have begun to bring frost with them and with that thoughts of the holidays, an incredibly busy and exciting time. I have been working away on a few different things in the lab, including a new release. As often is the case, things have taken a little longer than anticipated and I am resisting rushing to make it happen in time for the holidays. I would really like to be ready though, it is a perfect scent for winter, warm, sweet incense, orange blossom and so many spices. This release is so many things to my nose, ancient abrahmic religions, middle eastern spices, lightly gourmand (my first entering that territory). 

This month marks the first month as well the Libertine is my main and only focus. I left my day job as a graphic designer and am sailing forth in a ship of my own making. I am excited to be able to give Libertine the time and attention to be able to grow into something more inspirational and more beautiful. I am excited to be able to provide more to the people who enjoy what I do. With that said I am looking at a few possible directions. Endless expansion of our fragrance line isn’t feasible, despite my biggest love being creating new perfumes. Adding releases helps with business as new scents are exciting but this drive for new is part of the problem with larger perfume houses. So many releases, flankers and repetition, not much dedication to originality or importance. It is hard to know what will be a hit and I guess the more darts you throw, the more chance something sticks. For me and for Libertine, I need to keep things somewhat concise, somewhat cohesive. I need to have a reason to release a perfume beyond the fact that Libertine is a perfume company. I will be slowly tinkering with new ideas, new products and new ways to make our existing products better. If there is anything you would like to see Libertine do send me a message!



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Love that you are a Canadian company, your philosophy and how you consider the impact you have on our planet physically, mentally and spiritually.

Marjorie Ford November 24, 2019

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