Fuck Black Friday

So here's the thing, Last year around this time I woke up one morning with a hangover feeling embittered by emails I had received about "crushing it" over the black Friday weekend. Thanksgiving, though sentimentally is great, already stands on some morally shakey grounds with allusions to a friendly relationship between first nations people and those occupying the land as a basis for the holiday. Call me a bad capitalist but slapping a spending spree on top of the weekend (we're all sort of tied to the American calendar culturally) you are supposed to be grateful drives me fucking nuts. 

I get it, with holidays upcoming we've all got shopping to do and it's hard to hate a deal. Similar to last year I've decided that over the Black Friday weekend we won't offer a discount but instead 100% of profits will go to an organization supporting indigenous issues. Last year we gave south of the border to help the NODAPL movement. This year we will be giving to Indspire, an organization that helps to provide access to higher education for Canadian first nations students through grants and scholarships. So yeah bad capitalist maybe but I feel better about trying to cut through the corporate sham that that weekend has become...... And if you are in the states and celebrating thanksgiving, I wish you the best loving, care and grateful time with your family and friends.


More info about Inspire can be found on their website here

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I think this is awesome! Great little read and certainly relatable. I didn’t know what the FBF movement was all about, I just figured you were not into it- which I’m on board with. This is much cooler. “Giving away” sales/product still means it’s going to the right place. I hope this comment is an affirmation from the universe that you are indeed sowing good seeds and in turn, you surely enjoy the fruits.

Miss Layla November 26, 2018

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