Libertine Late Night Spotify Playlist

Scent and sound are so often compared. Perfumers & musicians work with cords and notes to string together beautiful melodies. From time to time we like to create playlists of songs that we enjoy/ inspire us in our perfuming process. To make sure these playlists are easy to find we will post them here.

Libertine Late Night- A slow dripping mix of R&B, Hip hop, cumbia and some glitchier stuff to listen to with your lovers late in the evening.

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Wow, that’s a very cool, eclectic, moody, amazing playlist! Thank you for compiling this! BTW… I’m still hoping that one day you will be able to ship your EdP sprays to Europe, I immediately would order “Sex & Jasmin”, to complement my “Witch Doctor” roll-on (which I love).
All the best from Vienna,

Patrick January 09, 2019

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