Past, Present & Future

2016 has been really amazing. I finished my design degree in December of 2015 so this year has been the first year exploring the world with that degree under my belt, or probably more worn like a shiney, oversized wrestling belt. It also means a year that I have been running the project that is Libertine while not in school (it’s much nicer, lemme tell ya). Perfume making started as a beautiful distraction from the stresses and expectations of my design education. It was my way of disengaging and working on something beautiful and personal while projects and deadlines loomed.


In the past year I have had been able to explore opportunities that have arisen and to push Libertine where I wanted it to go. I was able to spend more time crafting and exploring the ideas I needed Libertine to stand for. I found words to tell people to be defiant and explore the world’s pleasures, to find what feels good and do that more. I have been able to work with amazing people who bring beauty to the world through their own carefully considered businesses. I have been able to work on projects with good friends and designers I have loved for years. It is the most amazing feeling to have others in the world connect with what I am doing, with what is being created. I want Libertine to be a quiet revolution of people curiously exploring themselves, their needs and wants and taking every opportunity to indulge. I want regressive social expectations to crumble and for people to take pleasure in themselves and others and I think this year was a good start to that.


I am excited for the next year. As things have progressed however, I have gotten busier with daily operations and have had much less opportunity for playful creation, for smelling and exploring; exactly the type of activity I want Libertine to promote. I have found that building a business, a brand, whatever you want to call it, is like building a little world. A world where one can reflect what they think is most important to themselves and in the world. I am going to do all that I can to make sure the values I support are things I can really live and In the new year I am carving out space with my Libertine process for me to have time to explore, smell and learn more. Rather exponential expansion, taking on tons of new projects and generally falling in line as a good capitalist, in the first half of the year I will instead be playing with scents, creating new accords and deeply breathing in the amazing library of ingredients I have been building. I hope for everyone where possible to be able to carve out time in the coming year to explore their passions and pleasures whether they be simple or extravagant, intellectual or sensual. Just spend some time finding what brings you pleasure and do that.

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