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Fin de Siecle EDP- Black Currant, Rose, Patchouli, Oakmoss


    Swing loosely you rose blushed tarts. Modernity bides while you explore each others palace of senses. Do not waver from your animal intentions. Let the world bemoan the words that slide from your tongue at the altar of your indulgence.

    Profile:  Dark, Floral, Animalic, Woody
    Key Notes

    TOP Bergamot, Bitter Orange

    HEART Egyptian Rose, Black Currant Bud

    BASE Woody Notes, Mossy Notes, Civet

Our Philosophy

Our fragrances are all created in house with an aromatic story in mind. We create fragrances to offer a slow moment of pause to your day. To allow you to step out of the rush of things and explore the world, even if only for a moment. We believe fragrance has the power to ground as well as to transport.

All of our scents are formulated, bottled, labelled and packaged by hand in our small scent studio in Canada

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Rita Rivera

It was wonderful.

Ally Lu
Different Label Design!

It's a very sexy, slightly boozy rose scent (rather than an overly sweet, feminine one) with a beautiful woody drydown. I do wish the online photos were more up to date with regards to the new label. You can find the new design on Instagram that features a modern black/white geometric design rather than the clean text displayed on this webpage, which I find to be more classic. No big deal though, it's the same beautiful scent I tried out with the sampling program. Josh provides lovely and thoughtful customer service and also sent along a sample of the Hinoki Moss Incense cones which are intoxicating in an addictive way.

Barbara Carey

Fin de Siecle is a decidedly decadent, dark, and animalistic rose. On my skin it comes accross warm and sexy, with a deep brooding base note that lingers long after the current and patchouli have played out. Throw is moderate, longevity is great. THis was my absolute favorite from the sampling program and had to upgrade to a full size for the winter months.

Wesley Hodges
Fin de siecle

I love smelling so good!

New, Daring, Beautifully Blended, Bottle Worthy

If Libertine’s fragrance Fin de Siècle is any indication, this house will become a bright star in fragrance night sky in the not too distant future. It isn’t as if there is something revolutionary going on in the ingredients—its ingredients as listed on Libertine’s website are: black currant, rose, patchouli and oakmoss. Fragrantica lists 8 notes, none unusual. But from opening sniff to dry down this one is one of these intoxicatingly fruity, floral, mossy, patch scents that can compete with almost any of the many scents that include these ingredients. I think it is the black currant that helps move it to the higher echelons of the rose heavy fragrances. Since I have just received the bottle early today, I have been trying to find either a useful metaphor or another scent to compare it to. Since many have smelled or tried a sample of Portrait of a Lady, I will invoke it as it has black current, rose, and patchouli. It also has a very long list of other notes. It is much more complex and for some this is what makes it world class. I love both for the overabundance of subtle notes and the high quality of the ingredients. Fin de Siècle is much more in your nose from the get-go. Some might find this both too much and not enough. While its palette may not come close to POAL it still leaves me with a depth of heady and carefully chosen ingredients. It is supposed to invoke the decadence of the time and character of Oscar Wilde and the art for art’s sake era. Provocative, self-assured, paradoxical and brilliantly witty in Oscar, more somber in the likes of Walter Pater. I think this scent is somewhere in between those two, reaching for the art of fragrance while still acknowledging the desire to shock. Sample first, as it is powerful and long-lasting.